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Choosing the party is actually the easy bit, the difficulty comes in organsing everyone.

If you've ever collected money from a group at the end of a meal in a restaurant you'll know what we mean.

Well worry not, the UK's leading Christmas party supplier has the perfect solution for you and its FREE, yes free. We discussed charging for this service, but for now its completely free of charge. This is an invaluable tool to save you a huge amount of time and no doubt sanity.

Our constantly growing feature list includes:

  • Menu & Drink Choices You & your guests can send their menu choices, drink pre-orders & dietry requirements direct to the venue.
  • Individual Payments (if required) Sometimes companies subsidises the party and individuals make up the difference. Our system handles this with ease.
  • Adjust Group Numbers Request additional spaces for your party directly through your website and know the minute your spaces are approved
  • Party information - online at all times Your guests can access up to date information on timings, dress code, performance times and more.
  • Transport Information Easily find local transport information and directions to the venue, right from your group website.
  • Up to the minute booking status Receive up to the minute information as to the status of your event. Know the minute your booking is updated.

Save time & offer a more personal service to your guests

See a demo below and remember this is a free service, we also change no booking fees.

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