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Wednesday 10th of August 2016

Office Christmas Post-Brexit

Office Christmas Post-Brexit

It's been the topic on everyone's lips this year...

Whether you were in Team Stay, Team Leave or even Team Absolutely-No-Idea-Please-Stop-Asking, we think everyone can secretly admit that Brexit was a bit of a shock to us all.

Undoubtedly, the aftermath was that of a very bemused British rabbit blinking in the headlights for the remainder of June, and even into the majority of July. The TV, radio and papers seemed to be foreseeing imminent doom whereby in the coming months the economy would go as flat as a pancake, and it seemed smart to start stocking up on tinned goods... however as time passed we've realised that we were not about to sink beneath the waves or fall into financial oblivion, and it was time to come out from behind the sofa, brush ourselves off and crack on.

Certainly, Christmas is back to its usual pattern for us, with little sign that December would be anything other than the crazy manic mayhem mixed with a heck of a lot of glitter, and even occasionally some Christmas cheer,  that our Office transforms into annually. We're gearing up for a year of even more wacky themed parties - from Through the Wardrobe into Narnia, to Crazy Country and Western Hoe Downs, to Spectacular Aprés Ski Extravaganzas, Down the Rabbit Hole to Wonderland to parties fit for Medieval Courts of Old .... let's just say our Christmas Elves are warming up for a company record-breaking year!!

Prime dates booking up fast, so if you're interested in exploring your options for the 2016 Festive Season (and do we deserve a party after this year or what??) then get in touch and one of our friendly team will be delighted to help.