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Wednesday 31st of August 2016

Your Definitive Guide To The Mini-Website

What is the Mini-Website, and how is it going to make planning your Christmas party easier?

Many years ago (a lot more than we care to mention) Office Christmas had a revelation - we could make organising your company's Christmas party even easier.. and set the cogs in motion to create something amazing...

In 2004,  we were the first company in the Events Industry to bring you our fantastic Mini-Websites! A completely personal event management tool, which enables individuals to manage their party (and guests) from point of booking all the way to the day!

Gone are the days where one poor soul has the thankless task of prising money out of the hands of colleagues and heading to the bank, collecting menu choices and last minute deathly abstract allergies, fielding questions about location, timings and getting the group there (like herding cats) - exhausting before even the welcome drink!!

With our sites, the master user can send out a link to each guest which will allow them to self-register (including any plus ones), pay individually, make their menu choices and communicate any dietary requirements. For the master user it gives an overview of who's registered, an instantly updating invoice, who's paid and who's made their menu choices so you know exactly who to prod and when - there's also the option to make a group payment, should you be lucky enough to put it on the company card!!

There will also be a concise map to the venue, itinerary of the night including parking and public transport details, and the dress code - all pesky questions which must be avoided! Plus there's an option to add a personalised welcome message to your guests - if you really have to warn everyone of Handsy Andrew from Accounts or that you want to meet beforehand, then there's your chance!

Group organisers can then sit back and enjoy the festive season in style - this time-saving tool will be invaluable for a stress light Christmas!

Oh, and we forgot to mention, it's absolutely, unequivocally, and 100% FREE and included in every booking through Office Christmas. We're here to make your lives easier - so, happy planning!!