The Six Different Characters You Will Find At Every Christmas Party

Published on Jan 26, 2018

As with any office environment, an array of different personalities can be identified and these personalities can become turned up to 11 once the music starts blaring and the champagne flowing at the Christmas party!

So we are here to explain, guide and in some cases mildly warn you of our top characters that can make an appearance your festive celebrations!

christmas characters

The Clique

During the office party, it can sometimes be hard to move away from purely socialising with your usual group of friends. Though this does take away the inevitable conversation with that colleague whose name you do not have the faintest recollection of (but are too scared to ask!), staying within a clique also has its disadvantages.

Christmas Parties are arguably the easiest way to make new acquaintances and to find out those names you have never been able to remember. Use your party to your advantage!

christmas characters

The Social Butterfly

The social butterfly effortlessly manages to strike the perfect balance between socialising with their closest co-workers whilst also having the time to speak to every other person at the party.

To this day even we don’t know quite how they manage this skilful demonstration of networking, but you can guarantee they will handle that fourth glass of Prosecco whilst floating around the room with ease and still have time to be on the dance floor when the DJ is in full swing!

christmas characters

The Workaholic

The workaholic always has the best intentions at heart. However, as much as they may all love your job; there is always a time and a place to leave the office behind you.

Don’t get us wrong, we know how hard it is to put a complete ban on office talk but remember to enjoy your Christmas party for what it is – a social gathering for you to let their hair down and get to know your colleagues a bit better!

christmas characters

The Darkhorse

Maybe the most memorable character that will be uncovered is this seemingly innocent character. Shy and reserved by day, you are about to realise that by night they are confident, outgoing and untameable on the dance floor!

Surprising everyone with their confidence and pride, remember it whilst it lasts as come the new year they will be back to their same reserved nature… until the next Christmas Party!

christmas characters

The Grinch

The Grinch…the one that is clearly counting down the minutes until it is polite enough to call a taxi home. They haven’t warmed to the idea of Christmas yet, and though you have rallied them enough to come to the party, they aren’t overly happy about it.

Try and engage conversation, try and convince them to have a mince pie or two – they might end up taking he bate and succumbing to the Christmas spirit! Just don’t try to force them onto the dance floor; it will end badly!

christmas characters

The Hero

And finally, your Christmas party organiser.  The brave and wondrous individual who has researched, booked and fine-tuned your incredible Christmas Party and has then had the testing task of chasing everyone for deposits.

Finally seeing what their hard work has achieved will be enough to take them into the exhaustion stage a little earlier than everyone else; they may party hard at the beginning, but don’t expect them to be one of the last ones on the dance floor…!
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