What Your Christmas Party Theme Says About You

Published on Feb 9, 2018

Themed parties are a great way of bringing your office’s personality to your party! Whether you want a classic Winter Wonderland or a quirky Mad Hatters Tea Party, your theme will help make your Office Christmas Party a memorable night – but what exactly does your chosen theme say about you and your work colleagues?!

The Great Gatsby

Work hard, play hard!

You are the epitome of the ‘work hard, play hard’ office; the allure of New York’s mysterious speakeasy parties will give everyone the excuse to dress up in pinstripe suits and stunning flapper dresses, ready to dance the night away.

With incredible Great Gatsby theme in place and drinks flowing, you will be set for an amazing night that even Baz and Leo would be jealous of!

Casino Royale

“Shaken, not Stirred”

You are exactly the group of colleagues who aren’t afraid of gambling away your bosses’ money…! Everyone knows everyone in your office and you’ll happily challenge them to an intense game of poker (just be sure to not put your house on the line!)

A traditional Christmas theme isn’t enough for the big characters in your office; you need something interactive and exciting to “shake” things up. Grab your dry Martinis and tuxedos and enjoy an extravagant night full of excitement and gambling at Casino Royale!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Child at heart

Let’s face it, the way to everyone’s happiness is through their stomach, and your office is all too ready to take full advantage of this. You all have a bit of a sweet tooth, and feel everyone deserves a sought-after Golden Ticket this Christmas to reward their hard work.

This tongue-in-cheek party theme is a perfect way of showing that, though your office is hard working and professional during working hours, you are all still big kids that want a bit of harmless fun to end their year on a (sugar) high!

Alice In Wonderland

“We’re all mad here!”

The Mad Hatters of the office; you and your colleagues don’t take life too seriously. You are the kind of group who have Tacky Christmas Jumper competitions and send ‘so awful they’re good’ joke emails to everyone in the office to lighten the mood.

Alice in Wonderland themes are a great way of having some fabulous photo opportunities with props and mad-hatter lookalikes to keep fun memories at your desk all year round.

Winter Wonderland

Traditional at heart

For you and your colleagues, Christmas is all about cosy nights by the fire, watching classic Christmas films with a big mug of mulled wine in hand, and waking up to a ‘White Christmas’ morning.

Now preparations your Office Christmas Party is drawing near, all you want is to dress up in elegant dresses & dashing tuxedos, trade the instant coffee for a glass of bubbly, and upgrade the paper snowflakes and streams of fairy lights for some even bigger, better props to bring everyone the White Christmas you have all been wishing for!

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