Shared Vs Exclusive – Which Office Christmas Party Is Right For You?

Published on Mar 9, 2018

When browsing the colourful array of Christmas party options in your area, you will encounter two types of parties to choose from – shared and exclusive. Shared parties provide a fixed package on a set date, and your guests will share the venue with groups from other companies. On the other hand, an exclusive event offers private hire of your party venue and allows you to tailor your office Christmas party to your specific requirements.

It can be difficult to decide which type of office Christmas party is right for you and your group. Take a look at the key points to consider below to help you make your mind up.


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This is arguably the most important factor in deciding between a shared and exclusive office Christmas party. With a communal venue and entertainment included in the package, shared Christmas parties are generally less expensive than exclusives. For those with a budget under £50 per head, a shared office Christmas party could offer the chance to enjoy a spectacular grand venue, elaborate theming and more entertainment than your budget could stretch to on an exclusive use basis.

For those with a budget of over £50 per head, an exclusive Christmas party becomes an option for your Christmas event. Spending that bit extra will give you exclusive hire of your venue or function room and allow you to tailor your Christmas party to your specific requirements as well as your budget.

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Group size and ambience go hand-in-hand so consider what mood you’re looking to create at your Christmas party. Intimate and relaxing exclusive Christmas parties are easy to achieve for groups of less than 50 where after-dinner entertainment may include a live pianist or jazz singer, whilst larger crowds are perfect for adding a disco and building the night to a crescendo on the dance floor. Shared parties are ideal for smaller companies of 10 guests and above looking to join a fun, exciting large-scale event.

The festive season is a time for celebration and some companies will want to host a large-scale Christmas party with hundreds, or even thousands, of guests. For these grand occasions, Office Christmas has a fantastic selection of exclusive parties available at venues able to cater for a huge number of guests.

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Location / venue

If the venue has to have the wow-factor, then an exclusive Christmas party affords a bounty of unique event spaces that can be tailored to your precise requirements. Shared parties can also host celebrations at one-of-a-kind locations, but you’ll need to flexible on dates as typically only a limited number of nights will operate on a shared party basis.

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Adding some thoughtful touches to make your event extra special are pretty straightforward for exclusive events where the whole party has typically been tailor-made to your specific requirements. Shared parties, whilst typically of a fixed-package format, can occasionally offer flexibility to individual groups where a private dining area can be reserved. This means speeches, special thanks or awards can be presented in privacy before guests finish their meal and join the rest of the party afterwards.

Now that you’re more sure of the type of Christmas event best suited to your group, visit our website to find your ideal office Christmas party!


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