How to tastefully decorate the office

Published on Apr 12, 2018

In many ways, a decorated office around the festive season helps to improve morale and inject a bit of Christmas spirit. However, very often our attempts to “jolly-up” our workplace range from the shoddily inadequate, to the slightly gaudy, to the downright garish.

For this reason, we’re here to lend a couple of tips about how (and how not) to “festoon your room” this year.


Snowman Christmas Decoration

The Shelf

Shelves make for a great space to decorate, often taking the place of the traditional Yuletide mantelpiece. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to over-adorn them; remember they still need to meet their primary function as shelves and brittle little ornaments are likely to complicate usage and frustrate your colleagues.

Therefore, why not opt for a piece of white felt as a mat and cut the overhang into an icicle shape. These “Shelfsickles” are tasteful and lend a jolly, wintry feel to your files.

TOP TIP: Why not add flameless flickering candles to help make the room feel more comforting and cosy!?


Christmas Lights

The Tree

“Every office needs a tree” say so many people. Sadly, they are wrong. The truth is every office needs a good tree. Many companies fall into the trap of having either a small, over-dressed tree or a big one that is under-dressed.

Depending on the area you have to work with, there are some great space-saving alternatives that can make for a stylish addition to your office. If you only have a wall to work with, why not fashion a 2D tree from fairy lights and old pieces of wood?

The tree is often a controversial subject between purists and the more experimental. Just remember; whatever option you go for, please, don’t get a pink one…

TOP TIP: For the more eco-conscious with a slightly larger space, build your tree from old books and light up!


Christmas Bauble

The Door

When it comes to decorating your office door, there are some great alternatives to just covering it in last year’s wrapping paper, an endeavour that you often think is kooky and fun at the time but immediately regret the next morning when you realise you’ve wrapped the keyhole. Door-decorating can be big business, with many workplaces holding competitions. We’ve scoured the web for some of the competitors for best (or worst, your choice) decorated office doors…

If you find these entrances slightly overbearing or aren’t overly enticed by crepe paper, opting for a traditional Dickensian wreath can lend a homely elegance to your door.

TOP TIP: Don’t forget that you can always decorate your door frame as well!


Wall Decoration

The Desk

Don’t forget to decorate the place that you spend most of your time. A well-decorated desk can help keep your spirits up, improve your work efficiency and help make the day fly by! This one is completely personal and can be as minimal or monumental as you see fit.

When it comes to smaller spaces, why not get creative? We love these paper trees, made by stacking progressively smaller pieces of thin card on top of each other over a skewer, and sticking a star-shaped piece on top!


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