How Much Is Enough For The Christmas Party Budget?

Published on Apr 27, 2018

Setting a budget for the Christmas party is a juggling act of quality and value whilst making the right impression to your staff. How much you spend will be entirely relevant to your particular business, but there are certain criteria that a party should deliver at various price points to ensure you’re getting good value for money. Using London as our key destination for this feature, we look in-depth at how much festive cheer you can get for your pound…


Dancing Christmas Party

Up to £30 per head

For groups joining a shared party with lots of other companies sharing the evening, you can expect to achieve a three-course seated dinner or buffet followed by a DJ for dancing til the early hours. At this price point, you could only consider the off-peak Sunday – Tuesday nights but this is great news for companies in the retail industry whose weekends are key trading periods.


Happy Party

Up to £50 per head

Live entertainment options become available to groups in this price bracket. A live party band, themed performers or fun casino tables may be a feature of the party. Or if that’s not your thing, you’d certainly want to look for a complimentary reception drink or half bottle of wine to be included with your meal.


save money

Up to £75 per head

Vibrant themed parties including lots of live entertainment and eye-catching decor fill this category as the best-loved Christmas party themes are produced with great style. Enduring popular themes such as Winter Wonderland, Viva Vegas and Murder Mystery can be booked in quality four and five-star hotels. Unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks also become a key attraction for non-themed parties.


What Your Christmas Party Theme Says About You

£100 and over

From this price bracket, you can expect quirky one-of-a-kind themed events with high-end production and exquisite dining. Fully inclusive drinks, live entertainment and a strictly black tie dress code can be found in stunning locations including grand old museums and landmark buildings across the London skyline.


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