Four Ways To Get Your Office Ready For Your Christmas Party

Published on May 25, 2018

So you’ve organised a fabulous Christmas party for your team; congratulations! Now it’s time to get everyone in the festive spirit, stretching the season out for as long as possible in the run up to the big event. To help, here are our top four tips for getting everyone prepared and excited for your Christmas party!


Christmas Lights

1. Get Decorating!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…Tacky or tasteful, every office needs a bit of glitter and sparkle to really get everyone in the festive mindset. Think fairy lights above the notice boards, baubles from door handles and tinsel pretty much everywhere it won’t fall down – which is a daunting task in itself. Get everyone involved in turning your office into a magical Santa’s Grotto to remind them that with every working hour, they are one closer to their fantastic (and well organised!) office Christmas party.

TOP TIP: Include a big office advent calendar to help count down the days to your party. And why not add a Christmas treat behind every Friday door such as a drink token or two for your party – a trick to get even the inevitable Scrooge excited for the festive season!


dont do this at the christmas party

2. Christmas Competitions!

The X-mas Factor! A little competition is always a good way of getting everyone involved in the Christmas festivities. Let you and your colleagues bring out your inner child with an ugly Christmas jumper competition, or show your creativity with a competition for the best-decorated desks. Competitions are also a great way of bringing the office together, helping everyone get to know each other – eliminating the slightly uncomfortable first hour of ‘mingling’ that usually comes with office parties, meaning as soon as you arrive at your beautifully themed and decorated venue the party can start immediately!

TOP TIP: Why not award these competition winners with vouchers towards their party outfit or drinks vouchers for your Christmas party night?


Mince Pies

3. Christmas Baking!

“On Your Marks, Get Set, Baaake!!” This one needs little explanation. With ‘Great British Bake Off’ as popular as ever, why not incorporate this into your Office’s Christmas Countdown and get everyone baking their favourite Christmas treats and puds. It’s the perfect way to get everyone in the office involved, whether through baking or eating! In true Bake Off tradition, this can be turned into a light-hearted competition to find out who in your office secretly bakes like Mary Berry, without a soggy bottom in sight! This simple festive idea is guaranteed to be a hit in your office, especially with all the cake that will be around for days!

TOP TIP: Organise an office bake sale and sell slices of all those great cakes and desserts, advertising that all the proceeds will add to your pre-set up Christmas Party bar tab.


4. Secret Santa!

All I want for Christmas… Displaying these presents out in the office for everyone to see is a guaranteed way to get everyone excited during those last few days of work. Wait until the afternoon before your big office Christmas party, when everyone’s excitement is at its highest, and then you can all finally open your presents and spread Christmas spirit to each and every one of your colleagues in preparation for the night ahead!

TOP TIP: Why not be creative with your presents and get your Secret Santa some gorgeous accessories to wear that evening at your office party, or maybe a small bottle of wine for whilst they’re getting ready!


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