Fancy Dress Christmas Parties

Published on Jun 8, 2018

Companies looking to use their Christmas parties as an ice-breaker event often ask the Office Christmas team for advice on how to break down barriers within a company.  Mixing departments in the seating arrangements is one way to do this, though it can make the atmosphere a little more subdued than usual as guests are on their best behaviour sizing up their newly discovered colleagues.  A way to get around this is to introduce fancy dress into the equation.  

Fancy dress may take you back to embarrassing photos of your 10thbirthday party, but it undoubtedly injects fun and laughter into a Christmas party and fosters its own unique atmosphere of unity.  We’ve seen our fair share of fancy dress Christmas parties and yet to see one that hasn’t gone down an absolute storm.  Here are our top 5 fancy dress Christmas party ideas:


When I Grow Up

What did you want to be when you grew up?  This fancy dress idea makes for a guest list filled with vets, air hostesses, astronauts, mad professors and athletes to name a few.  

Iron Man

3D Films

A one-of-a-kind themed fancy dress idea seen in 2017, tailored to a particular client’s industry – guests were asked to dress up as characters featured only in 3D films.  The most creative costume of the evening was a motion capture actor, whose black full-body leotard was decked with white ping pong balls at joints and limbs.



A particular favourite of company directors with an enthusiasm for history – a medieval themed fancy dress party works well at Christmas when all those layers of fine cloth do a fine job at keeping out the winter cold. The medieval theme lends itself to a raft of interactive entertainment including duelling knights, strolling minstrels and court jesters.  


Heroes and Villains

Taking inspiration from films, books, comics, video games and history there is something for all ages to take from the interpretation of a heroes and villains themed dress code. Extend the theme into the party with a ‘Kryptonite’ vodka luge, Wii games, green screen photo studio and performers incognito posing as waiters until battle commences on the dance floor…


What Your Christmas Party Theme Says About You

Black and White Ball

A themed Christmas party dress code can be more stylish and sophisticated than the suggestions above.  The Black and White Ball is an enduringly popular Christmas party theme for corporate events and commands a black tie approach to the wardrobe.  Think Bond, James Bond.


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