What is the role of an event organiser and should I have one?

Published on May 6, 2019

So, you’ve decided you want an event, you’ve got a date in mind, an idea of a theme and you know roughly how many people you want to invite. That’s the easy things out of the way and now for the more specific (and usually stressful) aspects such as the production timelines, the budget, the sourcing of the venue and all the other smaller bits in between.

This is where an event organiser comes in. While many have probably heard of the term, most don’t realise the exact role of an event organiser and quite how much they can do to assist with your event. These experts are not only super knowledgeable in their field, but also enjoy helping with the important details and have the necessary skills to make your event a reality.


1) To help save you money

The role of an event organiser is to take the stress out of your event, sorting out the finer details and ensuring that everything is well taken care of. One common myth of event organisers is that they are an unnecessary expense that you might as well do yourself. While it might seem like a short-term financial investment to hire an event organiser, a lot of people actually end up saving money in proportion to the size of their event. Event organisers have a large network of contacts such as suppliers and vendors who they deal with on a regular basis and are therefore more likely to get discounts or be able to call in favours. They are also experienced in negotiation so can likely barter for a better deal. Another reason they can help to save money is that they know where is best to put your money and how to avoid wasting it. Their experience with events means they will know where is worth splashing out a little more and what isn’t and what will really make a difference to the day. They will also be able to stick to a specific budget for you. If you know what you want to spend, they will keep a record of all your bills and make sure everything is handled as it should be.


2) To reduce the stress of organising your event

Another role of an event organiser is to lift the stress off your shoulders. They know exactly what to do and any hiccup that may occur they are likely to have experienced before and can nip it in the bud before it escalates or causes any real issues. This experience will also mean they can think quickly on their feet and execute a ‘Plan B’ in time if needed. They also know all the little details you might not have thought about, such as factoring in health and safety requirements, scheduling in progress meetings and supplier briefings and other logistics which can affect the smooth ruining of the event.


3) To help you benefit from their experience and connections

By choosing an event organiser you also have the benefit of their experience and input for planning. They will know what themes work well in which event spaces, which venues are suitable for your specific needs, and which food options go down well and leave the guests talking about the event long after it has finished.  

They will be able to help you to hire the best event services for the occasion from transportation to florists, DJ’s, photographers and caterers. You can still have plenty of say in this – for example you may already have a specific photographer or DJ in mind but if you don’t an event organiser will likely have a portfolio for you to choose from. And remember, you don’t always have to go with their choices. Remember at all times that this is your event and you need to be happy with everything.


4) To save you time

One further role of an event organiser is to save you precious time. If you are planning an event for your organisation such as your Christmas party, it’s unlikely you have enough hours in the day as it is, without the added hours of organising a whole corporate event. Your event organiser can go to meetings for you, see the venue, meet and discuss options with the caterers and the photographer/ videographer (if applicable) and simply follow a brief you’ve discussed prior to the meeting. They can then decide what to do or bring back notes for you to decide a lot quicker than if you’d had to head out yourself. They will sift through the waffle and deliver to only the essential information which you can then make your own informed decision from.

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5)  To assist with quality control

You don’t have to shuffle through a minefield of venues, companies, and service options online wondering which are good, which aren’t so good, and which might try and rip you off. Your event organiser will have a roster of venues and recommendations of people and places they have worked with and know are reliable, which means you can be confident in your final decision. 

Event organisers can really help to streamline the whole planning process, particularly if it is one of the first times you are organising an event, or if you are organising it for a large number of guests.  Remember, the role of an event organiser is to help make your event is as perfect as it can be, they aren’t there to rule, but just to guide and offer their expertise. 

Be sure to be transparent about your budget, your expectations and what you want, and everything should run smoothly and efficiently right up until your guests leave their event with a smile. 


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