Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas For Adults

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Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas For Adults

Published on Jun 17, 2019

Planning a corporate Christmas Party is no easy feat, particularly if you are planning for a large group of people. Once you’ve decided on the venue, the food and the date, there is still the matter of the entertainment to consider. You want a party that will be remembered, enjoyed and worth the hours of planning it has taken you to pull it all together. There are many different options to consider, and it is worth thinking about the direction you want your party to take and the sort of people you have in attendance. After all, while a karaoke event might seem a good idea, are they the sort of group that would appreciate it? We have put together ten of our top Christmas party entertainment ideas for adults to really get the party started…

A Magician

Bring the magic (quite literally) to your event with a Magician act. Whether you hire them to do a show at a specific point in the evening, or to walk round during the night and perform different tricks and illusions to your guests in their individual groups, this is guaranteed to be a hit and a real talking point. A magician is great as a reminiscent feature from your guest’s childhood, making it a great way to keep the guests relaxed, amazed and laughing too. From illusionists to simple street magicians, do some research into what you think would work best and it’s guaranteed to be a sure-fire hit.

Casino Tables

Whether you are opting for a specifically themed party – such as a James Bond or Las Vegas theme – or if you just want to add something a bit different, Casino tables are great Christmas party entertainment idea for adults. You can opt for a single table, or multiple games such as Blackjack, roulette or even host a poker tournament. Why not do it for charity or have a prize for the person who “wins” the most to further enhance the competitive spirit!


There’s nothing quite like a live DJ to get people flocking to the dance floor. The benefits of a DJ are that they know how to keep a party going, what to play when and how to really make the evening a success. While there might be some cracking tunes in your iTunes playlist, a DJ can ensure certain songs are played at certain times, take requests from the guests (which is always a big hit) and also be able to mix tracks together for seamless transition to ensure no one sidles back off the dance floor when one track has finished.


Why should kids have all the fun? As far as top Christmas party entertainment ideas for adults go, dodgems are one of the most popular! Everyone wants a chance to release their inner child and also get into the competitive spirit and this combines the two. Not only is it great fun, but a great way to let off some steam and have a laugh with colleagues (what better way to take the stress out of the accounting team than driving full throttle behind them in a bright, flashing bumper car?) Why not set up individual competitions – such as the one who gets bumped into the least, or the one that bumps into the most people – for an added incentive!

Interactive photo and video booths

Interactive photo and video booths are a super way to get everyone smiling ear to ear (both on the night and also in the office the Monday after) as well as having a momento from the big night. These are reasonable in price and you can jazz up the experience by adding a whole host of fun photo props for everyone to use. You can prompt people to take certain photos – such as funny, happy etc and have a pin board where everyone can stick their favourite ones up. This could go up in the office as a fun reminder of the party and you can have prizes for the funniest photos!

A Comedian

A stand-up comedian is a hilarious choice when it comes to Christmas party entertainment ideas for adults as they require little space or props and can keep your guests engaged and entertained for long periods of time. You could have the comedian perform during dinner, or as after-dinner entertainment. Stand-up comedians are also easily sourced and many dedicate themselves to corporate entertainment meaning they will know exactly how to work the crowd. You can speak to them before the event, give information on your company and see them work these into their routine on the night! Comedians are an fantastic way for everyone to blow off steam.

Circus Performers

If you are looking to really add the wow factor to your Christmas party entertainment, look no further than Circus Performers. Whether you want to go all out with a full hour-long show or hire single acts, a Circus performance is something different, unique and guaranteed to amaze. Acts can include stilt walkers, fire performers, acrobats and more and can either perform while people are mingling around or put on a full performance during or after dinner. There are a host of companies to offer this, it’s worth doing your research to find exactly what acts would fit in for your Christmas party.


To end your Christmas party with a bang, why not round the evening off with a fireworks display? This works best if your party is somewhere more remote as you have to notify residents of larger fire displays, but is an exciting and memorable way to see out the working year. You can hire people to put on a display, or make the most of the fireworks discounts after bonfire night ends. Why not give out hot chocolates or mulled wine and provide picnic blankets for people to sit and watch. Remember that this can be weather dependant and might need to be cancelled last minute – it doesn’t hurt to have a back-up plan just in case!

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A dance competition

A dance competition can be a fun-filled way to get everyone sharing team spirit (and the competitive one too!) Particularly once the champagne has been flowing, you’ll find out just who the hidden talents at the company are – you’ll be surprised! Why not get people in teams to come up with a short routine, or have individual dancers? You can get special trophies to present to the winners (and maybe the losers) and a bottle of bubbly or another prize for them to enjoy on the night. It’s a great way to get people involved and have a laugh at the same time!

Classic Games

Sometimes you can’t go wrong with classic bar games to get everyone involved and having fun. This is one of the most simple Christmas party entertainment ideas for adults, yet can guarantee laughs all round. Why not get in games such as darts, table football, billiards and ping pong to bring in a chilled yet sociable element to the party. Beer pong is another fun one to get people in the spirit and also encourage team work! You could set out a dedicated games section and organise different heats or competitions for a fun and added purpose and have prizes for certain games.

These are some of our favourite Christmas party entertainment ideas for adults to get everyone involved and having fun, while also bringing a truly memorable element to the party.  No matter what sort of theme you are aiming for, there is something for everyone to enjoy and be talking about long after the party ends.

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