Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas For Adults

Planning a corporate Christmas Party is no easy feat, particularly if you are planning for a large group of people. Once you’ve decided on the venue, the food and the date, there is still the matter of the entertainment to consider. You want a party that will be remembered, enjoyed and worth the hours of planning it has taken you to pull it all together. There are many different options to consider, and it is worth thinking about the direction you want your party to take and the sort of people you have in attendance. After all, while a karaoke event might seem a good idea, are they the sort of group that would appreciate it? We have put together ten of our top Christmas party entertainment ideas for adults to really get the party started…

A Magician

Bring the magic (quite literally) to your event with a Magician act. Whether you hire them to do a show at a specific point in the evening, or to walk round during the night and perform different tricks and illusions to your guests in their individual groups, this is guaranteed to be a hit and a real talking point. A magician is great as a reminiscent feature from your guest’s childhood, making it a great way to keep the guests relaxed, amazed and laughing too. From illusionists to simple street magicians, do some research into what you think would work best and it’s guaranteed to be a sure-fire hit.

Casino Tables

Whether you are opting for a specifically themed party – such as a James Bond or Las Vegas theme – or if you just want to add something a bit different, Casino tables are great Christmas party entertainment idea for adults. You can opt for a single table, or multiple games such as Blackjack, roulette or even host a poker tournament. Why not do it for charity or have a prize for the person who “wins” the most to further enhance the competitive spirit!


There’s nothing quite like a live DJ to get people flocking to the dance floor. The benefits of a DJ are that they know how to keep a party going, what to play when and how to really make the evening a success. While there might be some cracking tunes in your iTunes playlist, a DJ can ensure certain songs are played at certain times, take requests from the guests (which is always a big hit) and also be able to mix tracks together for seamless transition to ensure no one sidles back off the dance floor when one track has finished.


Why should kids have all the fun? As far as top Christmas party entertainment ideas for adults go, dodgems are one of the most popular! Everyone wants a chance to release their inner child and also get into the competitive spirit and this combines the two. Not only is it great fun, but a great way to let off some steam and have a laugh with colleagues (what better way to take the stress out of the accounting team than driving full throttle behind them in a bright, flashing bumper car?) Why not set up individual competitions – such as the one who gets bumped into the least, or the one that bumps into the most people – for an added incentive!

Interactive photo and video booths

Interactive photo and video booths are a super way to get everyone smiling ear to ear (both on the night and also in the office the Monday after) as well as having a momento from the big night. These are reasonable in price and you can jazz up the experience by adding a whole host of fun photo props for everyone to use. You can prompt people to take certain photos – such as funny, happy etc and have a pin board where everyone can stick their favourite ones up. This could go up in the office as a fun reminder of the party and you can have prizes for the funniest photos!

A Comedian

A stand-up comedian is a hilarious choice when it comes to Christmas party entertainment ideas for adults as they require little space or props and can keep your guests engaged and entertained for long periods of time. You could have the comedian perform during dinner, or as after-dinner entertainment. Stand-up comedians are also easily sourced and many dedicate themselves to corporate entertainment meaning they will know exactly how to work the crowd. You can speak to them before the event, give information on your company and see them work these into their routine on the night! Comedians are an fantastic way for everyone to blow off steam.

Circus Performers

If you are looking to really add the wow factor to your Christmas party entertainment, look no further than Circus Performers. Whether you want to go all out with a full hour-long show or hire single acts, a Circus performance is something different, unique and guaranteed to amaze. Acts can include stilt walkers, fire performers, acrobats and more and can either perform while people are mingling around or put on a full performance during or after dinner. There are a host of companies to offer this, it’s worth doing your research to find exactly what acts would fit in for your Christmas party.


To end your Christmas party with a bang, why not round the evening off with a fireworks display? This works best if your party is somewhere more remote as you have to notify residents of larger fire displays, but is an exciting and memorable way to see out the working year. You can hire people to put on a display, or make the most of the fireworks discounts after bonfire night ends. Why not give out hot chocolates or mulled wine and provide picnic blankets for people to sit and watch. Remember that this can be weather dependant and might need to be cancelled last minute – it doesn’t hurt to have a back-up plan just in case!

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A dance competition

A dance competition can be a fun-filled way to get everyone sharing team spirit (and the competitive one too!) Particularly once the champagne has been flowing, you’ll find out just who the hidden talents at the company are – you’ll be surprised! Why not get people in teams to come up with a short routine, or have individual dancers? You can get special trophies to present to the winners (and maybe the losers) and a bottle of bubbly or another prize for them to enjoy on the night. It’s a great way to get people involved and have a laugh at the same time!

Classic Games

Sometimes you can’t go wrong with classic bar games to get everyone involved and having fun. This is one of the most simple Christmas party entertainment ideas for adults, yet can guarantee laughs all round. Why not get in games such as darts, table football, billiards and ping pong to bring in a chilled yet sociable element to the party. Beer pong is another fun one to get people in the spirit and also encourage team work! You could set out a dedicated games section and organise different heats or competitions for a fun and added purpose and have prizes for certain games.

These are some of our favourite Christmas party entertainment ideas for adults to get everyone involved and having fun, while also bringing a truly memorable element to the party.  No matter what sort of theme you are aiming for, there is something for everyone to enjoy and be talking about long after the party ends.

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Christmas party menu ideas that will make your mouth water

Once you have the basics in place for your Christmas party, it’s time to decide on one of the main aspects – the food. This will be the foundation of your party. Your guests will socialise, smile and laugh over a tantalising Christmas feast that they will have looked forward to from the moment they received their invitation. The Christmas party menu requires a relative amount of planning: what kind of food will you be serving – is it a buffet? A sit down three course meal? A variety of canapes? How do you cater for specific diets? How do you choose the right food – it needs to be fancier than your average burger and chips but not too fussy or pretentious. You want something that encapsulates the theme of the Christmas holiday but isn’t too time-consuming, too difficult, or too expensive. It’s best to find things that are simple, effective and taste delicious and that is why we have put together some wow-worthy Christmas party menu ideas that will make your mouth water…




Pear, Camembert and prosciutto wraps

For a Christmassy canape to whet people’s appetites, these pear, Camembert and prosciutto wraps are a genius choice. The sweet of the pear, creaminess of the cheese and flavour of the prosciutto are an ideal combination and they are super easy to prepare and make.

Find the full recipe here

King Prawns with Mango and Chilli Salsa

These King Prawn canapes offer an unrivalled blend of flavours ideal as a pre-meal snack to wash down with a glass of fizz. Simple to cook and prepare, the salsa is a delicious blend of mango, red onion, chilli, ginger, lime juice and coriander. Simply spoon on the end of a form with a prawn to instantly impress your guests.

Find the full recipe here

Spinach and potato tortilla bites

These spinach and potato tortilla bites are an effortless choice that both meat-lovers and veggies alike will love. A Spanish inspired appetiser, they are a must on our list of Christmas party menu ideas. A  scrumptious mix of spinach, egg, potato and onion garnished with a spring of cress, this recipe will make 30 bites so make for a great Christmas party menu idea.

Find the full recipe here


To start

Creamy carrot and parsnip soup Recipe

Soup is a great starter choice, particularly when catering for larger groups of people as it can be made in a large batch and dished out. This recipe is delicious and warming – ideal for the colder season and can be made in three simple steps. Be sure to put plenty of crusty bread in the middle of the table as the perfect accompaniment.

Find the full recipe here

Caramelised onion and goat’s cheese tarts Recipe

This is a classic and much-loved starter that is sure to be a popular choice. The contrast between the sharp and tangy goats cheese with the sweetness of the caramelised onions makes for a winning flavour combination. This recipe also shows you a super easy method to make your own pastry. Easy to create in bulk, simply serve with a sprinkling of rocket on the side and a splash of balsamic vinegar.

Find the full recipe here


One pan duck with savoy cabbage

This dish is easy to cook, readily available and something a little different that you don’t eat all the time, making it a must on our Christmas party menu ideas. It doesn’t take too much time to prepare or require too many ingredients and looks as impressive as it tastes.

Find the full recipe here

Moroccan spiced beetroot and squash wellington

This veggie twist on the tradition Wellington is a great choice for a Christmas party to satisfy any non-meat eaters. Stuffed full of winter vegetables such as garlic, butternut squash, beetroot and parsley it is a flavoursome choice. The great thing about these is that you can make them ahead of time to avoid any last-minute preparation and they are easy to make in large batches.

Find the full recipe here



Cranberry and white chocolate mini cheesecakes

These cheesecakes are an effortless choice for a Christmas party dessert as they truly do tick every box. They are easy to make, taste delicious, look amazing and can be prepared ahead of time. With a cookie crumb crust, cranberry jam layer and a creamy cheesecake lightly flavoured with white chocolate they’re guaranteed to be an instant hit.

Find the full recipe here


Baked Alaska mince pies

A combination of two winning desserts, these baked Alaska mince pies are a great choice for your Christmas party desserts. A lighter choice, these are the perfect finisher with a cup of tea or mulled wine at the end of the meal or as a sweeter canape choice.

Find the recipe here

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Christmas punch

This is a great recipe to get everyone feeling festive. Either pre-make the cocktails or make a large punch bowl for people to help themselves to. This cocktail is easy to make and is best when left in the fridge for 1-2 hours before serving. A blend of clementine juice, cranberry juice, Benedictine liqueur, whisky, vanilla and cherry it’s the ideal winter warmer.

Find the full recipe here


Spiced apple tea

Spiced apple tea is a delicious winter cocktail thanks to its blend of warm winter spices, fruits and a splash of gin. This cocktail is easy to make and an instant crowd pleaser. Garnished with a slice of lemon and apple it tastes as good as it looks.

Find the full recipe here


Which is your favourite on this list of Christmas party menu ideas? Let us know!


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What is the role of an event organiser and should I have one?

So, you’ve decided you want an event, you’ve got a date in mind, an idea of a theme and you know roughly how many people you want to invite. That’s the easy things out of the way and now for the more specific (and usually stressful) aspects such as the production timelines, the budget, the sourcing of the venue and all the other smaller bits in between.

This is where an event organiser comes in. While many have probably heard of the term, most don’t realise the exact role of an event organiser and quite how much they can do to assist with your event. These experts are not only super knowledgeable in their field, but also enjoy helping with the important details and have the necessary skills to make your event a reality.


1) To help save you money

The role of an event organiser is to take the stress out of your event, sorting out the finer details and ensuring that everything is well taken care of. One common myth of event organisers is that they are an unnecessary expense that you might as well do yourself. While it might seem like a short-term financial investment to hire an event organiser, a lot of people actually end up saving money in proportion to the size of their event. Event organisers have a large network of contacts such as suppliers and vendors who they deal with on a regular basis and are therefore more likely to get discounts or be able to call in favours. They are also experienced in negotiation so can likely barter for a better deal. Another reason they can help to save money is that they know where is best to put your money and how to avoid wasting it. Their experience with events means they will know where is worth splashing out a little more and what isn’t and what will really make a difference to the day. They will also be able to stick to a specific budget for you. If you know what you want to spend, they will keep a record of all your bills and make sure everything is handled as it should be.


2) To reduce the stress of organising your event

Another role of an event organiser is to lift the stress off your shoulders. They know exactly what to do and any hiccup that may occur they are likely to have experienced before and can nip it in the bud before it escalates or causes any real issues. This experience will also mean they can think quickly on their feet and execute a ‘Plan B’ in time if needed. They also know all the little details you might not have thought about, such as factoring in health and safety requirements, scheduling in progress meetings and supplier briefings and other logistics which can affect the smooth ruining of the event.


3) To help you benefit from their experience and connections

By choosing an event organiser you also have the benefit of their experience and input for planning. They will know what themes work well in which event spaces, which venues are suitable for your specific needs, and which food options go down well and leave the guests talking about the event long after it has finished.  

They will be able to help you to hire the best event services for the occasion from transportation to florists, DJ’s, photographers and caterers. You can still have plenty of say in this – for example you may already have a specific photographer or DJ in mind but if you don’t an event organiser will likely have a portfolio for you to choose from. And remember, you don’t always have to go with their choices. Remember at all times that this is your event and you need to be happy with everything.


4) To save you time

One further role of an event organiser is to save you precious time. If you are planning an event for your organisation such as your Christmas party, it’s unlikely you have enough hours in the day as it is, without the added hours of organising a whole corporate event. Your event organiser can go to meetings for you, see the venue, meet and discuss options with the caterers and the photographer/ videographer (if applicable) and simply follow a brief you’ve discussed prior to the meeting. They can then decide what to do or bring back notes for you to decide a lot quicker than if you’d had to head out yourself. They will sift through the waffle and deliver to only the essential information which you can then make your own informed decision from.

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5)  To assist with quality control

You don’t have to shuffle through a minefield of venues, companies, and service options online wondering which are good, which aren’t so good, and which might try and rip you off. Your event organiser will have a roster of venues and recommendations of people and places they have worked with and know are reliable, which means you can be confident in your final decision. 

Event organisers can really help to streamline the whole planning process, particularly if it is one of the first times you are organising an event, or if you are organising it for a large number of guests.  Remember, the role of an event organiser is to help make your event is as perfect as it can be, they aren’t there to rule, but just to guide and offer their expertise. 

Be sure to be transparent about your budget, your expectations and what you want, and everything should run smoothly and efficiently right up until your guests leave their event with a smile. 


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Ten Brilliant Ways To Motivate Employees

Employee motivation is a very important aspect to consider for your workplace. While it may seem things are ticking away smoothly, if employees are feeling unmotivated they will go through the motions but not put anything particularly special forward. It can be frustrating particularly when you know how amazing an employee can be, but they hit a plateau and their work isn’t as satisfactory as it once was. This is why it’s important to continually think of new ways to motivate employees. From a stellar Christmas party to creating a comfortable and fun work environment, there are a plethora of ways to keep employees motivated and interested in performing to the best of their ability. Here are ten brilliant ways to motivate employees…


1)     Celebrate your team’s accomplishments

When your employees have worked hard to achieve a goal, or finished a time-consuming project, it’s important to recognise and celebrate this. Why not take the team out for dinner or let them finish early? It’s things like this that will help to motivate your employees as they will feel like the hard work they put in was worth it and noticed. It will also encourage them to work just as hard if not harder in future projects.


2)     Recognise individual achievements

While it’s important to celebrate big team accomplishments, it is also important to recognise the achievements of individuals. This doesn’t necessarily need to be anything as big as a meal out or time off, sometimes when thinking of ways to motivate employees, just letting them know they are recognised on an individual level is enough. If someone makes a big sale, or achieves something, having the head honcho say “well done” and showing them their work doesn’t go unnoticed can create a big morale boost.

Team building is one of the best ways to motivate employees


3)     Get to know your employees on a personal level

As far as ways to motivate employees go, this is a simple yet effective one. By getting to know your employees on a personal level it offers a double benefit – both for you and for them. They will feel a lot more appreciated knowing they are recognised higher up and won’t just feel like a faceless number in a system, and you will get to know more about how they feel and what it is like to work in the company at a level you may not be aware of.


4)     Take them on team building events

Team building events are another fantastic way to build motivation in the workplace. By taking the team out of the office for the day it is a great way for them to have something to look forward to and also help to create a team that collaborates well.  Team building can help employees better understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses and interests therefore helping them to work better together when they get back to the office. It also promotes a sense of comradery and promotes a bit of healthy competition, with cause to celebrate when they win. This fun day out will also make employees more grateful for their employers and will want to offer something back in return.


5)     Encourage creativity

Often employees want to feel they can be creative and let their ideas be heard when at work. Old methods and practices can become stale or not necessarily achieve the same results anymore, so by letting employees have an input and come up with creative ideas they not only feel important, but also the new methods or ideas they put forward could improve their working day.


6)     Throw a stellar Christmas party

A Christmas party is another of the best ways to motivate employees. If they have worked hard all year, having a Christmas party to look forward to can feel like a real treat. Keep in mind the sort of party you throw – it’s best to put effort in to finding the best venue for your team and to show you are rewarding their hard work from the past twelve months. By putting on an awesome party, your employees will feel appreciated, rewarded and recognised. You can combine your office Christmas party with an award ceremony to show your appreciation and also engage them with business objectives for the year ahead. It’s a great way to speak to your employees in a more relaxed setting and allow employees themselves to build rapport between teams that might not normally see each other during the working day.

A Christmas party is another one of the best ways to motivate employees


7)     Offer a clear path for advancement

Nothing is more of a motivation killer than feeling you are stuck at a dead end with no room for improvement. Not only does this de-motivate employees, but also can send them looking for a new job where advancement is offered. Make time to find out what your employees goals are and where they would like to be within the company. Set clear goals and targets which can help them head towards a promotion or rise and offer the chance for them to attend courses to further their skills. Not only are these useful for their own advancement opportunities, but can be a good asset to your company too.


8)     Consider office perks

Office perks can come in all shapes and sizes. Offering flexitime to those employees who need to be able to pick their children up from school or who have a long commute can be a great way to ensure the work is achieved and the hours completed, but employees can fit it round other commitments. Another way is to offer complimentary breakfast – a solid fuel to start the day and an added element to make your employees feel appreciated and that you care for their wellbeing. They don’t necessarily need to be something big, but the small things can really aid in motivation in the workplace.


9)     Take time to find out what motivates your employees on an individual level

Not all employees are motivated by the same thing. Some are motivated by money, some by the opportunity to progress and further their skills, some by company happiness, some by family time – and plenty of other factors. Find out what motivates individuals and try to tailor rewards or perks to these. By knowing you understand and value what is important to them, they feel more motivated to work harder to achieve these and to also show their appreciation back to you.

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10)  Be transparent

Transparency is also important in ways to motivate your employees as it ensures they have direction and emotional commitment to the company. By being honest, answering queries and letting your employees know what is happening with the company both up front and behind the scenes, they feel a real part of the team. It also helps to build trust both between employees themselves and also employees and management. For example if there is a company problem, transparency means employees can help to find solutions and work together on this, creating better bonds.

Be sure to continually think of ways to motivate employees, after all the more motivated they are the greater results for the company. Whether you decide to do all of the above or just a few, you’re sure to notice a difference both in your employees and your business.

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