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The best Christmas party outfits of the year

Published on Jul 8, 2019

While clothes shopping is fun all year round, there is nothing like the excuse of a party to update your wardrobe and what better shindig to do so, than your Christmas party? The festive season is the best reason to imbue your party wear with some serious jazz and sparkle, where you can wear outfits that any other time of year can be deemed garish or over the top. But hey, it’s Christmas so why not go all out? After all, you’ll want to be dancing your way through the season in real style. It can however, be a bit of a minefield when it comes to choosing just what outfit you want. This is why we have put together some of our top Christmas party outfits.


What To Wear To Christmas Party

The statement dress

This has to be top of our list, because it’s such a popular festive choice. Be sure to think carefully of your outfit and the theme of the party before choosing which sort of dress you would like. If you are going to opt for something sparkly (which is a great choice for the festive season) remember it can be a very glamorous choice. Think about what sort of shoes you will wear – remember you can dress it down with a pair of fancy flats – and the jewellery too. There are also a lot of other dress styles to consider and remember what sort of look you want to pull off. For example, a plunge neckline can be great for when you’re heading to a party with friends, but might be inappropriate for a work Christmas do – same as the length of the dress. Remember if you are going to be dancing you don’t want anything too short or that might ride up when you sit down! There are plenty of styles from floor length to midi to short, so no matter your body shape you’ll find a dress you can pull off!


Remember the colour scheme

For Christmas party outfits try to think of a similar colour scheme to the traditional décor to create a season appropriate look. For this, think silvers, golds, greens and reds – and a traditional LBD never goes amiss!


What To Wear To Christmas Party

Play around with formal

Dresses and skirts not your thing, but the Christmas party is still a formal affair? There are plenty of jumpsuits out there which can be both formal without being too feminine. Or why not go for a trouser suit with heels and statement jewellery? There are a lot of ways you can play around with the formal dress code, so why not make the most of it!


Don’t forget the skirt and top combo

While many will be tempted to opt for a statement dress for their Christmas party outfits, don’t forget you can equally make your own great outfit combination with a skirt and top ensemble. This is also a great way if you like to be creative to put together something a bit different and also to use items you already have in your wardrobe without looking like you’re simply re-using last years choice.


Look for ruffles

Look out for ruffles as they are a great way to instantly smarten up a piece of clothing – plus they are wearable all year round so you know you are getting your moneys worth. A romantic blouse is always an easy go to, wear with a pencil skirt and a small pair of heels for an effortless Christmas party outfit. Ruffles can be more extravagant, or simply on the cuffs of your sleeves, hem of your dress or neckline.


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Don’t forget the accessories

Once you have the perfect piece of clothing sorted, it can be easy to leave accessories such as your jewellery, bag and shoes until last minute. This is never a good idea as while the dress may look perfect, if you don’t have a dainty clutch to accompany it, it can totally ruin the effect. The same as if you have a relatively simple look, you will probably want to jazz it up with some statement jewellery pieces – something which can be a nightmare to find last minute! Think of what you will pair with your clothes on the night of your Christmas party to avoid any last minute dashes to the shop. It is also a good idea when purchasing your new outfit to remember that accessories are a great way to change the vibe of your clothing, so if you think something looks nice, but a little drab, it is easy enough to add some vava-voom with a few accessories and a pair of heels!


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