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The best Christmas party outfits of 2019

By Josh | 8th July 2019

While clothes shopping is fun all year round, there is nothing like the excuse of a party to update your wardrobe and what better shindig to do so, than your Christmas party? The festive season is the best reason to imbue your party wear with some serious jazz and sparkle, where you can wear outfits […]

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Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas For Adults

By seomanager | 17th June 2019

Planning a corporate Christmas Party is no easy feat, particularly if you are planning for a large group of people. Once you’ve decided on the venue, the food and the date, there is still the matter of the entertainment to consider. You want a party that will be remembered, enjoyed and worth the hours of […]

Alternative Christmas party ideas in London

Alternative Christmas Party Ideas

By Josh | 1st June 2019

Unusual work Christmas party ideas your employees will love Looking to celebrate your office Christmas party but want something a little different? We’ve compiled a list of our favourite alternative venues in London that you can celebrate your Christmas-do at. From weird and wacky bars to stand-alone event spaces with unusual themes, London is the […]

Christmas party menu ideas that will make your mouth water

By seomanager | 20th May 2019

Once you have the basics in place for your Christmas party, it’s time to decide on one of the main aspects – the food. This will be the foundation of your party. Your guests will socialise, smile and laugh over a tantalising Christmas feast that they will have looked forward to from the moment they […]

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What is the role of an event organiser and should I have one?

By seomanager | 6th May 2019

So, you’ve decided you want an event, you’ve got a date in mind, an idea of a theme and you know roughly how many people you want to invite. That’s the easy things out of the way and now for the more specific (and usually stressful) aspects such as the production timelines, the budget, the […]

Ways to motivate your employees

Ten Brilliant Ways To Motivate Employees

By seomanager | 18th February 2019

Employee motivation is a very important aspect to consider for your workplace. While it may seem things are ticking away smoothly, if employees are feeling unmotivated they will go through the motions but not put anything particularly special forward. It can be frustrating particularly when you know how amazing an employee can be, but they […]

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An Experts Guide To Planning Your Christmas Work Do

By Josh | 17th August 2018

We know what you’re thinking. It’s August, Autumn hasn’t even hit yet and I’m in the middle of the Summer rush, why would I even to begin to think (or have the time for that matter!) to plan a Christmas party for my employees? The weather may not yet have plummeted, but now is the […]

Festive Bake

Office Christmas Bakes

By Josh | 3rd August 2018

The days are definitely getting cooler, the John Lewis advert is on telly, and the phones are ringing off the hook here at Office Christmas. Aside from crawling under our duvets and hibernating until Easter, there’s no way to deny it; Christmas is here. We’ve put together a few Christmas bake ideas to help you […]

Christmas Cocktails

Christmas Cocktail Recipes

By Josh | 20th July 2018

Get into the Christmas ‘spirit’ with a delicious Christmas cocktail. Here are some of the Office Christmas team’s favourite Christmas cocktail recipes, one for each day of Christmas! We hope you enjoy tasting these delicious Christmas beverages. If you have a go at making any yourself we’d love to hear how you do. Send us […]

Laughing Cracker Jokes

Christmas Cracker Jokes

By Josh | 6th July 2018

We all love a good Christmas cracker joke, however corny. Here are a few of the Office Christmas team’s favourites. Email your Christmas cracker joke to us and we’ll post it here!   What do reindeer hang on their Christmas trees? …Horn-aments!   What did Cinderella say when the chemist lost her photographs? Someday my prints […]