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How to tastefully decorate the office

By Josh | 12th April 2018

In many ways, a decorated office around the festive season helps to improve morale and inject a bit of Christmas spirit. However, very often our attempts to “jolly-up” our workplace range from the shoddily inadequate, to the slightly gaudy, to the downright garish. For this reason, we’re here to lend a couple of tips about […]

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Keeping Cool At The Xmas Party

By Josh | 23rd March 2018

The temperatures may plummet, but the heat can really get turned on at the office Christmas party. Delivering a fun evening to a wide circle of colleagues can be a challenging task, but here are our tips to make sure Yule [sorry!] have a cool Christmas celebration.   Friendly faces to meet and greet Starting […]

Shared Vs Exclusive

Shared Vs Exclusive – Which Office Christmas Party Is Right For You?

By Josh | 9th March 2018

When browsing the colourful array of Christmas party options in your area, you will encounter two types of parties to choose from – shared and exclusive. Shared parties provide a fixed package on a set date, and your guests will share the venue with groups from other companies. On the other hand, an exclusive event […]

Taught Us About Christmas Parties

What Love Actually, Bridget Jones And The Office Taught Us About Christmas Parties

By Josh | 16th February 2018

Here at Office Christmas, we know a thing or two about throwing a fabulous party, and draw inspiration from just about anything. Here are the biggest lessons we’ve learnt from some of the most famous office parties taken from television and the movies!     Bridget Jones Diary – Networking know-how The Scene: Little black […]

What Your Christmas Party Theme Says About You

What Your Christmas Party Theme Says About You

By Josh | 9th February 2018

Themed parties are a great way of bringing your office’s personality to your party! Whether you want a classic Winter Wonderland or a quirky Mad Hatters Tea Party, your theme will help make your Office Christmas Party a memorable night – but what exactly does your chosen theme say about you and your work colleagues?! […]

Top 10 Things NOT To Do At The Office Christmas Party

Top 10 Things NOT To Do At The Office Christmas Party

By Josh | 29th January 2018

A time for revelry and celebration; the office Christmas party is a great opportunity to finally relax and get to know the colleagues you’ve been working with all year. Whilst it’s important to enjoy yourself, it might be worth thinking about what the Christmas party means to your professional life and how it can help […]

Character Blog

The Six Different Characters You Will Find At Every Christmas Party

By Josh | 26th January 2018

As with any office environment, an array of different personalities can be identified and these personalities can become turned up to 11 once the music starts blaring and the champagne flowing at the Christmas party! So we are here to explain, guide and in some cases mildly warn you of our top characters that can […]

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How To Save Money At The Office Christmas Party

By Josh | 1st January 2018

Looking forward to celebrating the festive season and having fun with colleagues and friends at the office Christmas party can come with a worry about how much it’s going to cost. The office Christmas party doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. Buying an outfit, getting to and from the party and buying drinks can […]