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Christmas Cocktails

Christmas Cocktail Recipes

By Josh | 20th July 2018

Get into the Christmas ‘spirit’ with a delicious Christmas cocktail. Here are some of the Office Christmas team’s favourite Christmas cocktail recipes, one for each day of Christmas! We hope you enjoy tasting these delicious Christmas beverages. If you have a go at making any yourself we’d love to hear how you do. Send us […]

Laughing Cracker Jokes

Christmas Cracker Jokes

By Josh | 6th July 2018

We all love a good Christmas cracker joke, however corny. Here are a few of the Office Christmas team’s favourites. Email your Christmas cracker joke to us and we’ll post it here!   What do reindeer hang on their Christmas trees? …Horn-aments!   What did Cinderella say when the chemist lost her photographs? Someday my prints […]

Dress Code Dilemmas

By Josh | 22nd June 2018

You’ve booked and organised your Christmas party and now all you have left to do is decide what to wear. One small problem… you have a dress code but you’re not entirely sure what it means. In true fashionista style, here is the Office Christmas guide to dress codes. If you have any questions please […]

Fancy Dress Christmas Parties

By Josh | 8th June 2018

Companies looking to use their Christmas parties as an ice-breaker event often ask the Office Christmas team for advice on how to break down barriers within a company.  Mixing departments in the seating arrangements is one way to do this, though it can make the atmosphere a little more subdued than usual as guests are […]

Four Ways To Get Your Office Ready For Your Christmas Party

By Josh | 25th May 2018

So you’ve organised a fabulous Christmas party for your team; congratulations! Now it’s time to get everyone in the festive spirit, stretching the season out for as long as possible in the run up to the big event. To help, here are our top four tips for getting everyone prepared and excited for your Christmas […]

Christmas Party Dance

Herding Cats: Christmas Party Crowd Control

By Josh | 11th May 2018

If you’ve volunteered for the task of organising your work’s Christmas do for the first time, we know that trying to coordinate a large group of people to enjoy themselves, some of whom you may not know, can be daunting. However, there are some simple steps to take to ensure a pleasant evening for everyone […]

Luxury Venue

How Much Is Enough For The Christmas Party Budget?

By Josh | 27th April 2018

Setting a budget for the Christmas party is a juggling act of quality and value whilst making the right impression to your staff. How much you spend will be entirely relevant to your particular business, but there are certain criteria that a party should deliver at various price points to ensure you’re getting good value […]

How to tastefully decorate the office

By Josh | 12th April 2018

In many ways, a decorated office around the festive season helps to improve morale and inject a bit of Christmas spirit. However, very often our attempts to “jolly-up” our workplace range from the shoddily inadequate, to the slightly gaudy, to the downright garish. For this reason, we’re here to lend a couple of tips about […]

Casino Table

Keeping Cool At The Xmas Party

By Josh | 23rd March 2018

The temperatures may plummet, but the heat can really get turned on at the office Christmas party. Delivering a fun evening to a wide circle of colleagues can be a challenging task, but here are our tips to make sure Yule [sorry!] have a cool Christmas celebration.   Friendly faces to meet and greet Starting […]

Shared Vs Exclusive

Shared Vs Exclusive – Which Office Christmas Party Is Right For You?

By Josh | 9th March 2018

When browsing the colourful array of Christmas party options in your area, you will encounter two types of parties to choose from – shared and exclusive. Shared parties provide a fixed package on a set date, and your guests will share the venue with groups from other companies. On the other hand, an exclusive event […]