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Christmas Party : Virtual Christmas Parties

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Christmas in a Box

When a face to face party isn’t possible during this year’s festive season, but engaging and rewarding your staff remains a priority, we can provide the solution. Office Christmas presents a sensational ‘Christmas in a box’, which combines a physical home delivery with an interactive online experience tailored to your partying and catering requirements. From stunning canapés with wine pairings to sensational live streamed entertainment, from tucking into a traditional Christmas dinner to singing live with a four-piece band, the virtual Christmas party allows your employees to truly let their hair down from the comfort of their own homes.

Combining the expertise of our in-house caterer and our in-house event management team, we will provide the ultimate party experience, delivering exquisite food, spectacular virtual interactions, mesmerising entertainment, and exceptional technical delivery. Our extensive experience allows us to work closely with you to create the perfect package for your guests, so take the risk out of this years’ Christmas party planning and turn your event into a virtual celebration with our ‘Christmas In a box’.

Prices start from £75 per person, with a variety of packages that allow you to tailor our unique virtual events exactly to your requirements.


  • Cheeses & charcuteries
  • Hot chocolate baileys bomb
  • Cookie dough cracker
  • Truffles/salted caramel yule log
  • Online portal to view guests
  • Watch live entertainment and listen to music whilst catching up with other guests

Virtual Festive Frenzy

Go virtual this festive season with our brand new Festive Frenzy activity! Packed full of interactive, festive -themed trivia - we'll have you singing Bing Crosby before you know it! 

With three rounds to take part in, participants will have to work together to answer a range of fun, festive trivia questions + photo and video challenges . Whether you're re-enacting your favourite festive film or working against the clock to score those extra important bonus points - there really is something for everyone to get involved in. Plus we bring the teams together at various points for some hilarious community challenges!

This versatile social activity allows people to participate from the office, at home, in-person and virtually - there really is no limit on location. 

Prices start from £12 +VAT pp plus a £250 +VAT remote facilitation fee per 50 participants.


  • Festive trivia
  • Individual and Team photo and video challenges
  • Community challenges where you all come together at various points throughout the game to compete en masse
  • Singing and laughter!
  • Grand finale to crown your winning team

Festive Chef

We’re sure everyone’s been forced to think more creatively about what to cook when working from home. Taking into consideration that some ingredients are very hard to come by, and we’re all encouraged to go to the shops as little as possible, these virtual cooking experiences are designed for you to learn new skills and create amazing dishes from what you’ve probably already got in your cupboard.

In advance everyone is emailed a list of ingredients and cooking utensils required. Everything is designed to be simple with things most people have in their kitchen cupboards. Alternative ingredients are also included to give variety.

Everyone logs into our dedicated Zoom platform where you’re welcomed by the smiley face of our Michelin Star chef. He’ll talk you through the challenge ahead before showing you some amazing cookery skills that everyone can use at home.

Our chef will walk you through every aspect of the cookery experience, taking live questions along the way. Follow his expert live instruction and your bound to create something amazing! We have several different formats of cooking experiences. For those that require specialist ingredients or equipment, everyone is posted a pack containing everything they need.


  • Michelin star chef instructor
  • Alternative ingredients
  • 1-3 hr session

Christmas House Party

Combining a mash up of our most hilarious gameshow style rounds, this is a fully interactive BIG fun online team experience, ideal for Christmas parties.

Hosted by a professional comedian compere in costume we recreate the buzz and energy anyone would associate with a tongue in cheek TV show. In the post, everyone receives a party pack of mystery goodies, with everything they need to take part in each round. Now, in teams everyone takes part in a series of fun games, each one earning them points which stack up on a rolling leaderboard. Games include a mini Guinness World Record challenge, cake decorating, true or false, casino wheel of fortune and even a catwalk challenge.

The hosts give rolling feedback as the game progresses and teams work their way through all the different rounds. The experience is designed to create lots of laughter, interactions, communication, and creativity to work together and score maximum points.

Prices start at £45 per person with an additional set up fee.


  • Professional compere
  • Party pack
  • 45 min - 2hr session

Cocktail Making Class

This event can be done with alcoholic or non alcoholic cocktails, or healthy nutritional smoothies.  Or both!

In advance everyone is emailed a list of ingredients and drinks, or these can be posted as packs to each participant.

Now it’s time to login to our virtual platform where you’ll be greeted by our cocktail team behind the bar.  They’ll kick off the session with an amazing demonstration of flaring skills, and how to mix the perfect selection of famous cocktails.

Now it’s over to you.  Everyone will have a go at mixing and flaring a variety of drinks by using lot’s of very cool techniques.

Every drink is judged on appearance, and your honesty of what it tastes like….The final challenge involves people collaborating as mini teams to come up with a brand-new cocktail.  It must be named, created and presented ready for bonus points.


  • Remote Event Manager
  • Available to do anywhere
  • Use your own smart phone or device
  • Minimum Group Size is 10

Virtual Murder Mystery

Forming part of our Remote Series, our Manor House Murder challenge is a highly interactive problem-solving event designed to test your crime-solving skills. CSI meets Cluedo in this classic ‘whodunit’, requiring players to work together to unlock and examine key evidence such as witness statements and suspect interviews, using augmented reality to reveal hidden information along the way. As you explore the crime scene via an interactive map, you’ll complete tasks and challenges which will help you acquire evidence and assist with your investigation.

Hosted via video conference and one of our virtual event managers, points will be awarded for successfully completing observational and trivia questions, as well as fun photo and video tasks, all whilst identifying the weapon, murderer and motive.

Prices start from £12 +VAT pp plus a £250 +VAT remote facilitation fee per 50 participants.

Key Outcomes:

  • Logical thinking skills
  • Keeping teams connected
  • Develop problem-solving abilities

Xmas Escape Room

An amazing remote team building experience where small groups of 3-4 work in unison to decipher all kinds of clues riddles and challenges in order to escape the virtual room. It’s a tense head to head experience against the clock, where teams have to share ideas and answers to progress and avoid getting locked in.

Our remote Event Manager will set the scene with a tense virtual briefing, detailing why participants must escape! Teams will then be faced with a locked study that they must virtually break out of before they run out of time. Using their own smart devices, participants will work their way through a myriad of clues by tapping on the objects throughout the room.

They must progress through the three stages of The Virtual Escape challenge as quickly as they can, while correctly completing questions and challenges as they go. Teams who employ a thoughtful strategy and manage their time carefully shall prevail.

The aim of the game is simple; solve the clues to crack the code and break free, all before you run out of time.

Prices start from £12 +VAT pp plus a £250 +VAT remote facilitation fee per 50 participants.

Key Outcomes:

  • Team bonding
  • Develop problem solving abilities
  • Logical thinking skills

Task the Master

Inspired by the hilarious TV show, Task the Master challenges teams with a hilarious selection of team games that will literally have your people in stitches of laughter, we kid you not!

Run virtually all games are designed to be completed by using items in your house but you need to think outside the box and be creative to impress the Task Master.

The games come in all shapes and sizes and are only revealed when the famous wax sealed envelope is opened. There’s absolutely something for everyone, with the name of the game being good old-fashioned fun.

The event is hosted by a professional comedic compare, who alone will bring the room to life. He also plays the role of the Task Master, who will judge each round and allocate points.

Key Outcomes:

  • Logical thinking skills
  • Keeping teams connected
  • Develop problem-solving abilities

Virtual Christmas Hampers

We are working closely with the specialist, creative and culinary skilled brands within the wider group to present this years Christmas gift solution…

The Ultimate, Virtual, Christmas Party Hamper!

After an incredibly tough year, and now not being able to get together for a Christmas Party, our incredible festive hampers allow you to say a genuine thank you to all your staff. Or why not connect personally with each of your individual clients by sending them one of our beautifully hand crafted hampers, which allows you to incorporate the perfect personal touch by supplying a bespoke QR coded Christmas card with your very own message alongside a selection of delicious and festive handmade treats and perfectly paired Christmas tipples.

Each of these hampers can be further personalised or enhanced to offer additional gifts or even a full virtual Christmas party complete with live entertainment and music so let us know what you’re searching for and we can create a totally bespoke hampers tailored to your requirements.

Race Around the World

Race Around the World is an online team building activity that is designed specifically for remote workers. Race Around the World has three levels, each with a variety of fun, exciting challenges.

Each team represents an explorer. Players communicate with their team over video conferencing collaborating to guide their team’s explorer avatar across the globe. To complete all three game levels successfully with the maximum amount of points, teams must take notice of online bulletins and assess information gleaned from the game map.

Timed stages and the added pressure of managing limited resources makes for a very engaging learning platform.

Race Around The World allows remote workers to develop soft skills in a way that applies to working from home. As the objectives unfold gradually throughout the game and situations change, teams must take an agile approach to their collaborative strategic thinking and planning.

Key Outcomes:

  • Managing Resources
  • Motivation
  • Competitive Spirit
  • Problem Solving
  • Effective Communication

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