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For companies of any size, joining a shared Christmas party can be a great option for your company Christmas function. If you are a small office or separate department within a bigger organisation, this allows you to book tables at a full scale Christmas party, allowing you to benefit from the high end production and entertainment of a big event - and possibly meet new people too. A shared party will typically include a three course meal and after-dinner entertainment at the disco.  Some parties include drinks and exciting attractions such as live entertainment, dodgems, fun casinos and much more.

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Shared Christmas parties for large companies

Shared parties (sometimes called Joiner Christmas parties) are still an option to consider for large companies too. There is a huge range of venue sizes in the Shared category, some capable of hosting over 1,000 guests each night. This allows people to mix and mingle with the rest of the crowd and enjoy different experiences of the event to talk about well into the new year.

Extra special touches at the company Christmas party

Some shared party venues can offer your own private dining or drinks reception area to enjoy before joining the disco and entertainment of the rest of the party. This is a great opportunity to make some personalised touches to your corporate Christmas party such as staff awards, thank you speeches and special commendations. Speak to our friendly Christmas party team to find out what private dining options we can offer.

Themed Christmas parties

Shared Christmas parties are often themed - think Rio Carnival, Winter Wonderland, Viva Las Vegas (to name but a few) - which adds a vibrant fun atmosphere to the party. A great excuse to dress up and have some fun, themed Christmas parties offer the chance to do something different every year.


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