Ten Brilliant Ways To Motivate Employees

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Ten Brilliant Ways To Motivate Employees

Published on Feb 18, 2019

Employee motivation is a very important aspect to consider for your workplace. While it may seem things are ticking away smoothly, if employees are feeling unmotivated they will go through the motions but not put anything particularly special forward. It can be frustrating particularly when you know how amazing an employee can be, but they hit a plateau and their work isn’t as satisfactory as it once was. This is why it’s important to continually think of new ways to motivate employees. From a stellar Christmas party to creating a comfortable and fun work environment, there are a plethora of ways to keep employees motivated and interested in performing to the best of their ability. Here are ten brilliant ways to motivate employees…


1)     Celebrate your team’s accomplishments

When your employees have worked hard to achieve a goal, or finished a time-consuming project, it’s important to recognise and celebrate this. Why not take the team out for dinner or let them finish early? It’s things like this that will help to motivate your employees as they will feel like the hard work they put in was worth it and noticed. It will also encourage them to work just as hard if not harder in future projects.


2)     Recognise individual achievements

While it’s important to celebrate big team accomplishments, it is also important to recognise the achievements of individuals. This doesn’t necessarily need to be anything as big as a meal out or time off, sometimes when thinking of ways to motivate employees, just letting them know they are recognised on an individual level is enough. If someone makes a big sale, or achieves something, having the head honcho say “well done” and showing them their work doesn’t go unnoticed can create a big morale boost.

Team building is one of the best ways to motivate employees


3)     Get to know your employees on a personal level

As far as ways to motivate employees go, this is a simple yet effective one. By getting to know your employees on a personal level it offers a double benefit – both for you and for them. They will feel a lot more appreciated knowing they are recognised higher up and won’t just feel like a faceless number in a system, and you will get to know more about how they feel and what it is like to work in the company at a level you may not be aware of.


4)     Take them on team building events

Team building events are another fantastic way to build motivation in the workplace. By taking the team out of the office for the day it is a great way for them to have something to look forward to and also help to create a team that collaborates well.  Team building can help employees better understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses and interests therefore helping them to work better together when they get back to the office. It also promotes a sense of comradery and promotes a bit of healthy competition, with cause to celebrate when they win. This fun day out will also make employees more grateful for their employers and will want to offer something back in return.


5)     Encourage creativity

Often employees want to feel they can be creative and let their ideas be heard when at work. Old methods and practices can become stale or not necessarily achieve the same results anymore, so by letting employees have an input and come up with creative ideas they not only feel important, but also the new methods or ideas they put forward could improve their working day.


6)     Throw a stellar Christmas party

A Christmas party is another of the best ways to motivate employees. If they have worked hard all year, having a Christmas party to look forward to can feel like a real treat. Keep in mind the sort of party you throw – it’s best to put effort in to finding the best venue for your team and to show you are rewarding their hard work from the past twelve months. By putting on an awesome party, your employees will feel appreciated, rewarded and recognised. You can combine your office Christmas party with an award ceremony to show your appreciation and also engage them with business objectives for the year ahead. It’s a great way to speak to your employees in a more relaxed setting and allow employees themselves to build rapport between teams that might not normally see each other during the working day.

A Christmas party is another one of the best ways to motivate employees


7)     Offer a clear path for advancement

Nothing is more of a motivation killer than feeling you are stuck at a dead end with no room for improvement. Not only does this de-motivate employees, but also can send them looking for a new job where advancement is offered. Make time to find out what your employees goals are and where they would like to be within the company. Set clear goals and targets which can help them head towards a promotion or rise and offer the chance for them to attend courses to further their skills. Not only are these useful for their own advancement opportunities, but can be a good asset to your company too.


8)     Consider office perks

Office perks can come in all shapes and sizes. Offering flexitime to those employees who need to be able to pick their children up from school or who have a long commute can be a great way to ensure the work is achieved and the hours completed, but employees can fit it round other commitments. Another way is to offer complimentary breakfast – a solid fuel to start the day and an added element to make your employees feel appreciated and that you care for their wellbeing. They don’t necessarily need to be something big, but the small things can really aid in motivation in the workplace.


9)     Take time to find out what motivates your employees on an individual level

Not all employees are motivated by the same thing. Some are motivated by money, some by the opportunity to progress and further their skills, some by company happiness, some by family time – and plenty of other factors. Find out what motivates individuals and try to tailor rewards or perks to these. By knowing you understand and value what is important to them, they feel more motivated to work harder to achieve these and to also show their appreciation back to you.

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10)  Be transparent

Transparency is also important in ways to motivate your employees as it ensures they have direction and emotional commitment to the company. By being honest, answering queries and letting your employees know what is happening with the company both up front and behind the scenes, they feel a real part of the team. It also helps to build trust both between employees themselves and also employees and management. For example if there is a company problem, transparency means employees can help to find solutions and work together on this, creating better bonds.

Be sure to continually think of ways to motivate employees, after all the more motivated they are the greater results for the company. Whether you decide to do all of the above or just a few, you’re sure to notice a difference both in your employees and your business.

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